Reshaping Mind, Body & Spirit.


The Chrysalis Experience is a 12 week, 1:1 coaching transformational journey tailored for each woman who strongly desires to live a life where she feels confident, ALIVE, fulfilled and accomplished. 

Focus will be on gaining clarity on who you TRULY are, what you TRULY want in life, where you are in your life journey, and where you TRULY want to be; so you can live an authentic, happier, prosperous and healthier life.

As your coach and mentor it is my honor to guide and support you in your journey of transformation, providing you with resources and tools that are specific to your needs so you will tame your inner critic and knock through those roadblocks holding you back from: being confident in landing that job position you want, building that successful business or dream house, creating financial security and stability for you and your family or creating happiness and self-care habits that lead to fulfillment.  

Who Is This Service For?

This service is for the high achieving woman over 40,  who knows she is ready for change and is willing to do the work to be the best version of herself and live the life she deserves but:

  • Feels stagnated in various areas of her life,  
  • Feels her life is like quicksand, sucking her in, no matter how hard she fights 
  • Is confused on what the underlying problem is, why she can’t seem to move forward at work, business or relationships 
  • Feels empty and unfulfilled 
  • Is happy in some aspects of life, but is frustrated she is unable to move forward with specific goals  
  • Feels not attuned with her inner self
At The end of 12 weeks, you will:
  • who you are
  • what you value 
  • what has and has not been working 
  • areas where confidence is lacking    
  • low confidence areas 
  • limiting beliefs

The Chrysalis


What Does This Service Include?

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