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Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS) offers a complete range of  services. We assess your condition, develop a plan of care that guides your therapy and provide treatment to adult clients that increase mobility, strength, balance and coordination. Our personalized therapy programs use: physical activity, exercise, life coaching techniques and additional treatments to assist in strengthening, healing and relieving pain after an injury, illness or surgery and empowering individuals towards success in their recovery.  We also coordinate with the family and other healthcare professionals if required to maximize the patient’s rehabilitation process.

Our coaching service “The HPH Factor”, is  geared towards professional women who  strongly desire to live a life where they feel confident, ALIVE, fulfilled and accomplished in all areas. It involves  reshaping the mind, body and spirit, so they can become master of their destiny.  


Our services

What do we offer?

Physical Therapy

Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS) offers a complete range of physiotherapy services. We are committed to providing a holistic approach to your management.


For professional women who are feeling unhappy, at a loss, stuck and discouraged in their lives, whether it be from self- doubt, self- image, financial, professional or relationship issues.

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