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The HPH factor
elite lounge

The HPH Factor Elite Lounge, is a FREE Facebook community, of diverse-minded, dynamic, high achieving women over 40 who are taking the steps towards empowering, loving themselves unconditionally, and living the queen lives they so want and deserve.



In this community, you will learn how to increase confidence, elevate and transform your mindset and gain clarity on what it is you need to break through the ROADBLOCKS AND ALL THE CRAP holding you back from the LIFE YOU WANT!

By being part of this community you will also gain:
• A safe place for the collective and individual exchange of healing.
• A place where you can gain and share wisdom, inspiration and encouragement.
• A place for networking, socializing, sharing and caring. Factor Way"!

Lead a happier, prosperous, and healthier life. "The HPH Factor Way"