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The HPH Factor is a transformational life coaching service with programs designed to restore your mind, body and spirit, to live a happier, prosperous and healthier life, so you can be the best version of you.

The “HPH” in “The HPH Factor” embodies what CEO and founder Heather Patrice Hanlan strives for in her life and wishes for others: Happiness, Prosperity, and a Healthy Life!

Happiness: Comes from embracing who you are and learning how to love and accept yourself.

Prosperity: Is a mindset of knowing and believing you are worthy of receiving abundance, love and wealth.

Health: Encompasses the physical, metal emotional, environmental social and spiritual.

The HPH Factor, emphasizes the value of cathartic conversation, relaxation and self-care.

Hi there, I’m Heather.  I am a Transformation Coach and help high achieving women over 40 who are feeling lost, unfulfilled or stuck, to reclaim her authentic voice and confidently walk in her kingdom identity with clarity, direction and purpose. 

There are so many women who feel they are struggling or are in a continuous cycle of going nowhere (stuck) in their day to day life; feeling lack of confidence in how they look; not sure of their purpose and always seem to end up in a relationship that is going nowhere.

For years I struggled with body image, and lack of confidence in my personal life. I felt I was not going anywhere in my life, even though professionally I was excelling.

Because of my struggles and personal journey towards discovering how to feel fulfilled, love me more and be happy! I have a burning desire to help other women who may struggle with similar challenges to live the life they deserve, becoming master of their destiny.

If you are serious about reclaiming your authentic voice, rediscover who you TRULY and ignite your HPH (Happier, Prosperous and Healthier life) Factor, I am committed to aiding you in your journey.


Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder who you are?

Do you ask yourself “what is my purpose in life”?

Do you keep minimalizing your life, your hurts, your disappointments; because you are measuring it with someone else’s or listening to someone tell you “oh you don’t have any problems”.

Are Any of These Familiar to You?

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Have you ever felt stuck? I Did.

For many years I felt I just existed. I was the good daughter, sister, niece, aunt and friend who was always smiling and had a kind word to share. When asked how I was doing, I would respond, “Oh I’m good.” But deep down I was not good. I was unhappy, restless but could not identify a single reason why.

People would look at me and say, “You are attractive, smart and successful.” Or a favorite anecdote I’d receive, “Oh Heather, you are single, no husband or children to worry about. Girl, you don’t have any issues. I wish I were in your shoes.” I hated to hear it, but I suppressed my annoyance, with this and many other things and moved on. Or so I thought. My displeasure with life lingered and I would go to bed some nights wondering, “Is this how it’s always going to be?”
My Story

When I was 12 years old, I dreamed of getting married by age 23 and having my first child by age 25. I would live in a nice house near the beach, and travel when I wanted to.

At 25, I was nowhere near being married or having my first child. In fact, I was in the midst of a physiotherapy program in Jamaica. During my mid-twenties, those “big plans” I made seemed like a joke.

My romantic relationships were minimal but impactful. I met my first love LM while in ninth grade. For a few years, we had an on and off again relationship but I always pictured us together, despite our fluctuating relationship status.

In 1995, when I left for Jamaica to pursue my dream of becoming a physiotherapist, LM and I did not part on good terms. Not wanting to wait till I returned home on a break, I spent weeks writing him one of those “clear-the-air” letters. But he never received nor got the opportunity to read it. To this day I recall the fateful phone call from my best friend and her words, “Heathie, I don’t know how to tell you this but, LM is dead; he was murdered tonight.” As I sat there stunned, tears streaming down my face, wondering if I heard correctly, I felt like part of me had died too. His sister said the letter — a tribute to our love, our mistakes, and my forgiveness — arrived a few days after he was killed. They buried the letter with him. I cried for days and weeks.

Throughout my thirties and early to mid- forties I had a few fruitless relationships and some heart breaks. Traveled to many countries as 12-year-old Heather had dreamed of, became the first Director Rehabilitation Services within the organization I was employed with, but the plan of starting a family of my own was an ongoing pipe dream. Despite my professional and other successes, I felt a void.

Since leaving the Bahamas for university in 1994, the “freshman 15” was for me a “freshman 50”, increasing each year. I suffered through insecurities of being overweight for years. Men found me attractive, but I didn’t feel attractive. I blamed my inability “to keep a man” on my weight. I watched friends settle into relationships and became accustomed to my singleness.

I wondered why I always ended up in the “good friend'' category and not the “girlfriend” or “wife” category? Was there more I should be doing with my life? What was my purpose?
Are these questions familiar?
Know you are not alone!
In 2011, I was finally ready to purchase a home. I got the biggest shock of my life, however, when I learned that at the top of my profession in the public health sector, I could not qualify for a loan to buy a house in a middle class area. What had I spent all those years in school for? I grew up with the adults around me stressing, “Go to school, get a good education, and you will be successful.” I always had the mindset when I was ready to purchase my first home I would acquire it with no problem. What a reality check I got! In the end, though I did not get the brick and mortar structure I really wanted I was able to purchase land.

Many nights I would cry until I couldn’t cry any more. I was the woman who was always there for everyone, but wondering who was there for me. I felt so alone. Thoughts of ending my life played continuously at one stage. But these thoughts along with knowing I would hurt my parents did not sit well with me.

So I would give myself pep talks. “Heather there are people who would love to be in your position. What is so devastating about your life? You have a good job, a family that cares for you and a roof over your head.”

Although I lived paycheck to paycheck, I could pay my bills and afford the occasional trip. I knew negative thoughts would lead me to a dead end, and I should do something to break free from this pattern of thinking.

I did some soul-searching, thinking long and hard about who I was and what my current situation was. I acknowledged that I am worthy of love, in all of my gloriously obese skin! I began the work of mobilizing Heather, toward a healthier, prosperous and happier space (The HPH Factor).

Many women out there may share similar feelings. Each day, they struggle with lack of confidence in their physical appearance, can’t seem to figure out their purpose, and end up in relationships leading nowhere. However, one thing is certain: despite all of the losses, failures, and pain you may have experienced, you can vibrate with positive energy, be the healthiest you, be happy and live your life to the fullest. It’s never too late to start the healing journey towards the life you deserve.

I don’t claim to be perfect and my journey continues. I know exactly how you feel and because I have been in your situation, if you are serious about rediscovering and igniting your HPH Factor, I am committed to aiding you in your journey.

If you are serious about reclaiming your authentic voice, rediscover who you TRULY are, and ignite your HPH (Happier, Prosperous and Healthier life) Factor, I am committed to guide and support you to break through the roadblocks, leave self- sabotage behind, blossom into the strong confident woman you are and become master of your destiny; THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!
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The HPH Factor

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