Reshaping Mind, Body & Spirit.


Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS), is a holistic health and wellness service that provides physical therapy and life coaching programs designed to reshape lifestyles and help individuals be happier and healthier; vibrating in a constant frequency of abundance. The BWS program emphasizes the value of a cathartic conversation, relaxation, nutrition and a regular self care routine.

Meet Our Founder

Heather Hanlan is the founder and CEO of Bahamas Wellness Solutions.  She is an author, award-winning physiotherapist, a life coach; and the founder of Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS), a brand specializing in reshaping the mind, body and spirit.

For over 22 years, Heather has empowered clients around the world to overcome physical impairments through a holistic practice dedicated to restoring the mind and body. This comprehensive approach to the healing process goes beyond strengthening weakened limbs purely through a regimen of movement and exercise to ultimately renew the soul. 

As the first Director of Rehabilitation Services for the Public Hospitals Authority in Nassau, Bahamas, Heather was honoured with the Clinical Excellence Professional Organizational Award for Allied Health in 2016.

She has held various leadership positions within her field, including serving as the President and Vice-President of The Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists. Heather obtained her BS in Biology from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada and an MS in Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne in Melbourne Australia. Heather also received a post graduate  Diploma in Physiotherapy from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Heather currently lives and works in Nassau, Bahamas, where she enjoys reading, dancing, and discovering new shoe styles and jewelry pieces. 

Heather Hanlan

An Author, award - Winning Physiotherapist
& a life coach.

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