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Welcome to Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS), a holistic health and wellness service that provides physical therapy and life coaching programs designed to reshape lifestyles and help individuals be happier and healthier; vibrating in a constant frequency of abundance. The BWS program emphasizes the value of a cathartic conversation, relaxation, nutrition and a regular self care routine.

What do we offer?

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Physical Therapy

Bahamas Wellness Solutions (BWS) offers a complete range of physiotherapy services. We are committed to providing a holistic approach to your management.


For professional women who are feeling unhappy, at a loss, stuck and discouraged in their lives, whether it be from self- doubt, self- image, financial, professional or relationship issues.


1. Physical Therapy Consult
2. Life Coaching Consult

The HPH Factor Elite Lounge

Our private Facebook group “The HPH Factor Elite Lounge” is for diverse minded professional women looking for a safe haven to express themselves without judgement.

The HPH Factor

8 Keys to Your Feel Good Factor

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